Sunday, 28 November 2010

So I'm back, and at a loss as to what to blog about. I had written a reminder to blog about some of the things I've cooked this year, but I can no longer do that since I've lost my pictures. And that's really a shame, because one of the dishes I cooked this year was actually really tasty. It was a dish that I made myself because I had a little bit of everything, but not enough for a dish. So I pooled them all together to make a soup-ish dish. It tasted really good that I purposely made it again. But alas, I don't have a picture of it!

It was a really simple dish, stir fry vegetables and chicken breast with garlic, added with some other ingredients (mushrooms and sausages and some others if I'm not mistaken), and some water to make it soupy (the garlic added flavour, really tasty!) and some chilli sauce to make it spicy. And voila! That was probably the best dish I've cooked. Or maybe it's just because I've only cooked it twice.

Evolution of a foodie

This semester, I'm finding myself becoming more of a foodie. I think it's because I have relegated myself to eating uber simple meals that lasts for a week. Basically, I cook during the weekends, keep the food refrigerated, and microwave them every day until it runs out. Then the cycle begins again. Lack of good food's definitely got to me, and I now find myself scouring through various food blogs from here and from home. Of course, it is a very simple thing of forcing myself to cook every day, but I'm just too lazy for that.

But that's also a good thing, because it makes me appreciate what Malaysia has to offer (don't you think the Tourism Ministry should really just start advertising good food instead of all that cultural stuff that gets embroiled in legal battles with neighbouring countries?). But I've also learned other things here, too. I've had some life lessons handed to me, and I've learned things about myself and other people. I like to say that after being here for almost a year I'm now less naive, less likely to believe convincing empty promises, and less likely to tolerate bad treatment.

The Harry Potter cast at the Deathly Hallows Part 1 premiere- don't they all (minus Ralph Fiennes and Emma Watson) look so much older than their actual age?

One of the more interesting things people tell me is that I don't seem like a PR person, because I don't talk much. That's what I have to go into a tirade about how there's more to PR than just talking; there are things like writing that's part of PR as well. But then I remember that the person is only saying that because they don't know me well. There are many sides to me, and (I have to brag about this) I've always gotten very good results (most recently, a High Distinction) when it comes to assignments involving presentations and speeches. So what does it say when I perform better than the 'people person'?

Finally, as I've run out of things to write, here's an article I read on how technology is improving education. It was pretty logical, although from my previous post I'm sure you know that there are downsides as well. But then again, nothing's perfect, right?

And of course, there's the almost-mandatory movie trailer!

Have a great week ahead!
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