Thursday, 18 November 2010

A blog is like a journal, full of one's thoughts, filled with one's personality and style, and documents the changes in a person throughout the years.

This blog, started in 2007 as a WordPress blog, before I moved to Blogger because it was so much easier to use. When I first started my entries were short as I struggled to find words to express myself. Throughout the years I've had many experiences, most of which I've even forgotten. Through reading my previous entries I could even see the changes in me as a person.

Today, while rereading some of my previous entries I definitely felt a feeling of nostalgia. Some of these experiences I had written down, I had not remembered until I read it. This semester, in one of my subjects where we explored Web 2.0 (interactive technologies like Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia that places an emphasis on user-generated content), it was said that there has been 3 changes in youths today- First, they think of themselves as having an audience, second, they have archived their adolescence and third, their skin is thicker than most adults. Isn't this completely true? I write this blog, knowing that only a few of my friends read it- the rest of my readers are people who I don't know- or people I know, but whom I'm unaware are reading my blog. And this... journal, blog, whatever you want to call it, is my diary, in a way- it contains my high school life (the end of it anyway) till now. They're like an archive of memories, just like a photo album and a diary.

 2 years ago, I expressed my insecurity when it comes to the supernatural. It was an event that I had forgotten, until now. Thinking back, it was a scary experience.

One of those was of Fatimah, a rumoured ghost to be in my school.

One of the teachers told her students that a pregnant student had died in the secluded toilet in the school many, many years ago. She went one floor above to the storage room next to the catering stream, and has been haunting that room ever since. She also said that the previous bodyguard quit his job because one night she came out to see him, and told him not to bother her.

I do remember the time when me and my friends used Fatimah for everything. Every empty seat would have Fatimah sitting on it, every noise would be attributed to her. But that wasn't the scariest- it happened outside of school.

One day, I was supervising the scout juniors in an expedition in Taman Pertanian Malaysia. One of the tasks required the team to hike up a mountain. It was a road in the middle of a jungle. As my team went up, we saw one heading down. They told us that one of their members had a sixth sense, what the Chinese call the ability to see spirits. That girl with sixth sense told us she saw things there which is not pleasant at all. So, everyone headed back.

Once we were safely awaiting the bus, out of curiosity we asked the girl about our school. She told us in detail about many spirits lurking in our school compound. One at the backstage, etc. etc.

And her most horrifying words:

"I even know the name of the backstage ghost. It's Fatimah".

Reading that today, I am shocked that she exists. Not that I don't believe in her existence; it's just that every school has its own spooky tale. Recently I had been spooked once again by another tale, but I shan't share it here.

Then there's this entry about growing up. To date I still regard it as one of the best pieces I've written.

There's also a post about the day I received my SPM results. No kidding, it will be a day I can hardly forget; I am very happy with my results.

One entry that brought laughs to my face is one on me being a movie buff. From watching movies right after it's released, to now, when I watch a movie once every few months. It's pathetic, really. I did watch a movie recently, though- it was The Social Network. I found it pretty good, although when I came home the first thing I did was to find out just how accurate events in the movie were.

 But the entry that struck a cord was one where I retold what a teacher told me and a couple of people.

When you put coffee beans, an egg and a carrot in 3 different cups with hot water, what happens?

First, the carrot. After being immersed it goes flaccid.

The egg is quite the opposite. It hardens instead.

And how about the coffee beans? They produce aroma with hot water.

Sort of like when the going gets tough, the tough gets going, but phrased better. As I recalled this incident it really made me think. Right now it's like being in hot water. Hopefully I'm the one that produces aroma, although I doubt it.

What about you, dear reader? What memories lie in your blog, unwilling to be forgotten?

P.S. Sorry about not posting my own pictures- lost them all to get my laptop fixed. Unfortunate, but can't be helped.
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