Monday, 29 November 2010

This will be my second entry in two days, because I'm determined to surpass the number of entries I had last year, and it just dawned on me that to do that I would have to update almost every day until year's end. So, here goes nothing!

Today I will write about... living abroad. It is something that I am a little passionate about, because I'm obviously, not living in my home country anymore. For many people, I guess they don't see themselves staying on in Malaysia, and so they seek greener grasses elsewhere.

I absolutely understand when someone says that they're moving overseas to further their career or to seek better opportunities. It's natural. And sure, the Malaysian government needs to rethink its strategy in attracting Malaysians back and preventing more from leaving. I mean, can you really ask people to leave their high paying jobs for a substantially lower one, with less work-life balance?

The way I see it, it makes sense that if a professional gets a better offer elsewhere, he/she would take it. The challenge for the Malaysian government, therefore, would be to try to give these people a reason to stay. Suppose they implement new workplace laws that ensures quality of life for employees.

But what I cannot tolerate, is when Malaysia is degraded. Granted, we do have our issues that should be talked about, but there has to be a line between obvious issues out in the open like education (Maths and Science in English, for example) and so-called open secrets like 'the government is corrupted'. I mean, call me dumb, but I do recall this game called 'pass the message' that shows that whatever message at the end of the line is very different from the beginning.

And let's not forget the Malay proverb 'meludah ke langit, jatuh ke muka sendiri' (or something that goes along that line). Criticising your own country only brings you down. Sometimes, when the locals are surprised at my English proficiency, I do feel annoyed, but I also feel happy that I'm breaking down stereotypes. If you go and keep saying 'Malaysia is bad' then everyone will just think you're bad too.

These are just the sort of things I think about sometimes when I have nothing better to do. They're really interesting, because there's no definite answer- there are many sides to an argument that are all logical. In due time, maybe I'll write them down. For now, that's all I have!

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