Monday, 22 November 2010

Did you know that in a study on how Facebook functions in real life romance:

  • Guys are more likely to keep relationship statuses under wraps: 17% of guys don’t share their status, compared to 12% of girls.
  • Girls think it’s exciting to change their relationship status: 50% of girls get a kick out of the status change — one-third of guys agree; 24% of guys find it unnecessary, compared to 17% of girls.
Also, that the rise of the Internet, computers and other gadgets in our lives have now led to us younger people being easily distracted? I find this pretty true, sometimes I find it hard to focus on reading a book. And even when reading things online I only skim through it, I find it so hard to focus entirely on a written article now when there's YouTube.

That's probably why now my posts aren't very long any more, and they tend to skip from topic to topic (yes, I've noticed).

That's also why experts say one of the most alluring sleep distractions is the 24-accessibility to the Internet.

But like the article pointed out, it's not necessarily a bad thing; for if I grew up in this age I would definitely have had an easier life learning new things- books would be so much more interesting when read on an iPad, and no teacher would punish me because of my handwriting (I really got it bad one year) because it's all neatly typed out anyway. And perhaps I would've found my interest for writing earlier.

Anyway, I'll be away for the week so I won't be updating in the next few days, so here's two videos to keep you amused till then. One's a trailer for the upcoming movie The Tourist, and another is a clip I saw on TV last night.

See you soon!
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