Saturday, 13 November 2010

First of all, I apologise for not updating. The laptop decided to betray me by crashing on the eve of one of my deadlines. So for the past week I have been relentlessly doing my assignments, and I only got my laptop fixed yesterday.

I've now completed all of them, and can now enjoy my holidays. Today has been great; I have done nothing but enjoy the day. But while my laptop was not fixed yet I had borrowed some DVDs from uni and watched them there to while the time away, and yesterday I watched this movie Amreeka.

It is the story of a Palestinian mother and son who decided to migrate to America, and how they coped with the struggle to fit in. Here's the trailer:

I've watched the movie, and it's really good! In some small way, I do find that I can relate to them, because I am living in a foreign country as well. One of favourite scenes was when the main character Muna (who just arrived in America) was having a conversation with her sister who has been in America for 15 years, and her sister basically said 'I don't know why you'd decide to come here. If I were given a choice I would go home in a heartbeat'.
Her reply was that it is not the same anymore, and life is just difficult back home- for example the army built a wall to separate two territories and so now, she has to take 2 hours to get to work when it was only 15 minutes before. Basically she felt like a prisoner in her own home, and that it was aimless; they were just living, that's all.

Her sister's reply, was that 'it's still home'. And that really resonated with me, because sometimes that's how I feel too. Sure, there are plenty of opportunities here,  but it's nowhere like home. This is why I think I enjoyed the movie- I could understand how they felt being in a foreign country and what they have to go through every day, struggling to fit in.

So go watch it if you can find it; it's quite a good movie.

This is all for now. I need time to configure my laptop to how I want it to be.
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