Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Today was the last class for one of my subjects. And surprisingly, I felt a little sad that it's over. Sure, I complain about the assignments, but the tutor's pretty funny!

Next week, for another subject I will be required to deliver a speech in class. Due to a stroke of inspiration today (fuelled by the constant talk about my future, my career, what I want to do with my degree, the possibility of doing Honours, etc) I suddenly felt pumped and typed out a draft. I'll make some changes as I go, but I hope to finish it by this week so that I can begin memorising it (haven't done that in a long time!).

Sometimes I wonder what people from home will say when I mention that I plan to transfer to Melbourne next year. It suddenly struck me that back home, we have always been 'taught' to discover our passion early in our lives, so that we can study that once we enter college. And when you do, switching is normally frowned upon. Now I'm only transferring to another institution, but I did wonder what would people think if I switched courses. Perhaps most people from home don't realise that it is in university that you begin to discover what you like, and that's what I like about the American university system- you take a broad range of subjects at the beginning, and you only declare a major later on in your degree. Or at least that's how I understand the system to be.

That, is among some of the things that I've come to realise about home. It's like that poem from high school, Si Tenggang's Homecoming. It is absolutely true that being abroad makes you see things in a different perspective, and when you come home you sometimes see the ways and thinking of your people as conservative and narrow-minded.

And... I've run out of things to write. But I do have another trailer!

The movie's Priest, and until my next update, see ya (figuratively)!
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