Friday, 8 October 2010

Today, and the past few days, have been pretty cold. Really unlike the beautiful spring weather of last week. I actually had to take my winter jacket out again.

Which reminds me, last week I had ditched the thick winter jacket for a thinner one that I had bought back home when I used it in cold places. I was surprised at how thin the jacket was! My impression was that it was pretty thick, almost like my winter jacket. Guess I was wrong.

If you paid notice, you'll see that on the right hand corner of my blog, there is a new widget, for the Blog Action Day 2010. Basically you're encouraged to write a blogpost about something on the designated day (October 15th) and post it up. This year's theme is water, as you can very well see. From their website, I think I'm going to blog about celebrities helping the cause. As much as I'm finding international relations interesting my knowledge in that area is highly limited. Celebrities, now that is something I can do, considering how I'm pretty informed about Hollywood.

The famous Hollywood sign. It was due to be demolished this year, but several celebrities, including Hugh Hefner, donated money to help save it.

I found out about this because of one of the participating blogs, Global Voices. It is one of the bigger blogs that are participating, including the Google Blog, and Mashable. The reason? I'm one of the authors of Global Voices! I just started a month or two ago, maybe three, and it's a pretty rewarding experience. It's all voluntary so I don't get paid, but it's nice to be involved in something like that (they bring attention unheard voices from around the world, using citizen media), and also as I've mentioned, I'm more interested in international relations now, and this is one area I would say? Advocacy, human rights, and all that. Sometimes it does make you realise just how good our lives are, comparing to the ones others have. I mean, I've only been a volunteer for a few months and I must've been notified at least two or three times about bloggers who got jailed for no good reason.

Who knows? One day I might just become one of those activists who campaign for human rights and fighting for something. I'm definitely starting to see that as a possibility now.

Hollywood Walk of Fame- Maybe one day I'll get a star, if I'm lucky!

So anyway, if you don't want to blog about it, you can always just sign the petition! Just a few clicks and you're done. See? I'm already starting to become an activist.

Another interesting thing is something on Mashable today.

According to a recent international survey of 2,200 mothers, 81% of children under the age of two currently have some form of online presence — ranging from photos uploaded and shared by their parents, to a full-fledged profile on a social networking site.

Photos I understand, but profiles? I find that a little crazy. I'm sure most of you here would think that way too. But certainly, these people are not as crazy as those who would create Facebook profiles for their pets!

That's all for now folks. I'm ending this post with a video of Matt Damon being interviewed by David Letterman, where he talks about how the 'George Clooney has a boyfriend' rumour started. It is hilarious, I couldn't stop laughing when I watched it!

Just a warning: My next post's gonna be yet another movie trailers post! 
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