Monday, 18 October 2010

There seem to be an endless line of movies that I want to watch. Too bad I'm all the way here. Like everything else, I'm only beginning to realise just how wonderful a country Malaysia is now that I've left. And this week, I have a presentation in class about religious freedom in Malaysia. I'm hoping that it won't come off as overly critical of Malaysia, but it isn't biased either.

So here are another 4 movie trailers that I found interesting:

1. Red

2. My Soul To Take

3. The Adjustment Bureau

4. Easy A

I only have 3 weeks left till the end of the semester (4 till my last deadline), and I'm looking forward to it, as usual. But it's because every day is a step closer to home.

Unlike the first semester, I no longer feel amazed that I have survived this long. Rather, most of the time, I feel... nothing. It's as if I'm merely alive day by day, but not living life, kind of like a plant. But other days, I feel the full spectrum of human emotions, mainly due to frustration and anxiety.

And if you're wondering why I'm typing such an emotional post out of a sudden, it's because I'm listening to a beautiful instrumental piece, that so happens to be rather emotional in my opinion. Maybe I'll post it in the next post.

Moving on, today I stumbled upon a pretty interesting blog, called WorkAwesome. It's a blog with all sorts of tips, and the one at the top was 'How To Improve Concentration With 50-Minute Focus Sessions'. Look it up, it's pretty cool.

And now, my dinner awaits, as I tune in to the latest episode of Brothers & Sisters. Yes, I watch a TV show while I eat now. Bad habit, but college is the time to be irresponsible. That's what I learned from the TV show Greek. Ciao!
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