Friday, 22 October 2010

It's really starting to hit me, that in just a few more weeks I would have completed my first year at university. Another 2 more, and I would be a degree holder. It really feels surreal, that soon I would be have completed one third of my degree.

Being in high school, and even college, seemed like such a long time ago. It seems like forever since I graduated from high school, since I got my SPM results, when it all happened just about two years ago.

Time is a precious thing indeed. Sometimes it just passes by too quickly. Like now, it's almost 9pm, and I am supposed to do my assignment! I've decided that for the next two weeks or so I will keep myself busy and keep myself even more tightly secluded from everyone else, and focus on my assignments. Then after that, I'll have lots of time to enjoy. I'm definitely going to watch some movies that I have on my computer, there are a few that I haven't gotten to watching yet and a few that I would like to watch again.

As such, I will be taking a break, so don't expect much updates here. I might leave a short update or two, but I simply cannot distract myself further by taking time off to update this blog too often.

So until the next time I update, here's a short clip from Failblog (again, I know) and a preview of a new TV series that I've begun watching (and am liking it thus far), called Nikita. I know, it's another distraction!

Have a wonderful weekend!
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