Sunday, 12 September 2010

I am absolutely happy that the fall season has arrived in the US, because this means that all their TV shows are starting a new season. So whenever I'm bored I can be assured of finding a show that I will enjoy. I'm just hoping that I'll have enough time (and bandwidth) to watch them all.

I recently read a very interesting quote that I would like to share. James Baldwin said that 'the price one pays for pursuing any profession or calling is an intimate knowledge of its ugly side'.

To me, this is very, very true. Although I can't really say that public relations is my profession yet, I'm studying a whole lot about the media and the communication industry and so I would say that you learn a whole lot of things about it that you didn't even think about previously.

The Australian football match that I went to watch.

I believe most professionals out there would call PR 'spin'. Apparently, PR professionals make a living out of bending the truth. I wouldn't know about what's really happening in the industry, but at uni we definitely are always told to practice ethical PR. In fact, there are many things about ethical PR practice in the field right now, just that I guess not many people are aware of it. It's just like everything else. One bad incident and the reputation's tarnished forever.

That, of course, is the good side. The bad side that I've learned about PR is that it's not as fun as people would have you think. A lot of it also has to do with who you know. And in Adelaide, everyone knows someone, so for new people to break in, I would say that it isn't as easy. And from learning about the media, I really get to see how it imposes some ideals on us. Sometimes I resent knowing what I know, because I'll never see my favourite TV shows when I was younger in the same way again.

I'm sure the same thing happens to a lot of other people. You learn about the tools of the trade, and you realise, it's not as glamorous or nice as people would have you believe. So I guess in a way, that's why professionals are always disillusioned about their jobs- they know the dirty tricks.


Moving on, did you know that burglars target people now using Facebook? They basically use your Facebook to see whether you're at home. This website Mashable had an article about it today. I'm honestly not surprised by this, I mean, just look at how many people update their statuses for whatever they're doing. From waking up, to eating, to going out, to meeting friends, to sleep and the list goes on. And don't even get me started on the emo updates. Yes I'm guilty of this occasionally when I do say what I'm going to do although it seems pointless (like 'going to the market now!') but at least I'm not one of those people who do it 5000 times a day.

And since I'm ranting on things I'm annoyed about, I shall say this one more time. I am absolutely annoyed by people who say 'if I can do it so can you'. Just take a look at this video.

No kidding, I love Glee, but isn't that statement by Sue Sylvester true? Not everyone can succeed, and that's why you have 'fry cooks and bus drivers'. It's mean, but hey, I've heard a high school teacher say that in class once. The next time I hear someone say I would be very tempted to ask them why aren't they as rich and powerful as Bill Gates, or has as many Oscar nominations as Meryl Streep, or why didn't they create a search engine or a social networking site and became a billionaire before they turned 30.
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