Tuesday, 7 September 2010

So what's been happening back home? I haven't been keeping with the news lately.

But I do know of the existence of an article in The Star about Australian english and accent!

Wag: If you don’t have a tail and wag school, you are playing hookie.

Footy: That’s rugby.

Strine (pronounced str-ain): E.g. I speak strine (or “Australian” as pronounced by non-English speaking people).

Strailia: The country where strailians live.

Handy to: E.g. handy to shops (conveniently located close to shops).

Pastie (pronounced pahstie): Looks like bad spelling for pastry but actually refers to a Cornish pastry which looks like a very big curry puff. Pasties have a varied filling of vegetable or meat, or a combination of both.

What the rest of the world calls bicycle, the Aussies call “push-bike”. Ute is their word for utility vehicle. “SLUG” is the acronym for single lock-up garage. “DLUG” is the acronym for a double lock-up garage (of course). “BIR” means built-in robe (wardrobe). “Yakka” is work, e.g. hard yakka.

I have to say, though, that it's pretty accurate. I disagree with footy as footy's only like rugby, but it's actually called the Australian Football League, which is really just the Australian version of 'football' (note: what Malaysians call football is soccer here), and it's pretty violent for a sport. I'm not surprised they get injured easily. But it can be pretty fun to watch.

I also found the 'strine' and 'strailia' very accurate. I mean that really is how the Australians pronounce the words. But when it comes to the acronyms, I have to say we Malaysians have ours too don't we? From UMNO to HINDRAF, to K.L and K.K (Kota Kinabalu, not Kota Kemuning), we have our own unique acronyms.

Moving on, I think it's been awhile since I posted a picture of my cooking? So anyway here's my long bean stir fried with kimchi:

Until today I still get amazed when my dishes come out quite tasty, for me anyway. Or another explanation would be the weather- it's so cold I really don't care about the taste, I just want to fill my stomach with food! But there's still one very basic dish that I've not mastered: Porridge.

Yes, porridge. I've tried once or twice since I came here, and yes, it's only a few times, but I think I've not had even the remotest success. Every time it gets too viscous, and it just looks like rice that was cooked with a little too much water. I do like porridge that's thick and viscous, but that was just way too solid. Maybe I'll try again soon.

And now, for the final part- videos.

The first one, is a video introducing Google Chrome OS. I'm not advertising or saying Chrome OS's good because I'm not using it, but I really like the way the video's made- really simple without any complicated looks.

The next two, is another two movie trailers, Takers and Eat, Pray, Love:

And finally, a video of Ryan Seacrest and Larry King singing Poker Face:

I never thought that Larry King was capable of making me laugh!
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