Wednesday, 4 August 2010

At university now, I'm doing this subject called Global Security and Sustainability, which right now feels to me like a combination of world history and world politics. And I'm finding it extremely tough, because most of the time I'm clueless about what the lecturer is saying, and that makes me feel pressured, especially because assessment is just two essays worth 50% each.

The first lesson I don't even remember what was discussed in class. He talked a lot about World War I and World War II, which was very alien to me. While I admit that I never liked History and didn't enjoy learning about world history in school, a lot of what was taught was foreign to me, like today's lesson. It was about Germany and the Allied forces' strategies for World War II. He showed us a video, which talked about how Hitler had decided to attack Britain AND Russia, and won at the beginning, but due to poor judgement began losing, then Germany signed some agreement with Japan, and after Japan attacked Pearl Harbour, that gave the Americans the perfect reason to join the war; and apparently President Roosevelt had been preparing for war and just needed an excuse. And so the Axis powers lost.

Throughout the lesson while I was trying to absorb what I was learning, I couldn't stop thinking about how lame and comical it would be if I had commented 'I dunno about any of this, I just know that the Japanese rode bicycles into Malaysia'.

That made me realise just how little we learned back in school, especially about the world. It reminds me a little of the Australians, as in so many ways I think that they live in their own bubble.

My other classes are different, but also highly insightful. I find that I see the world very differently from a few years ago, but it also makes me question sometimes whether I've made the right decision. By that I mean I wonder sometimes whether public relations is the right course for me. I'm sure that social sciences or the humanities is what I would be interested in, but you know how public relations is supposed to be about people who love networking and talking and all that? I would sometimes say that PR is not just about that, but sometimes I do ask myself- Is this the right course for me? If not, what is?

The second question is particularly interesting. I find that studying world politics is pretty interesting. Sociology interests me, too. Things like nation states, citizenship, population and migration, identities and belonging. When I think about understanding politics, culture, languages, or even psychology, all these seem to make public relations paler in comparison. But then again, I find it so much more interesting when I'm only reading about it out of interest.

I seem to like so many things, yet don't like it, eh? Anyway that's all for now, and once again here's a funny spoof video I found:

I loved the last line!
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