Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Today I had yet another interesting class. The subject Global Security and Sustainability, or GSS for short which really combines a lot of world history with world politics.

Today's lesson was on Japan's WWII strategy. The big question that the lecturer wanted us to think was 'why did Japan attack Pearl Harbour'? Because at that time, the Americans were not attacking the Japanese; but they believed that the Americans would attack them sooner or later, so they might as well weaken the air force first.

That's the first building on my campus, that I've not been in before. Picture taken by a friend. 

My lecturer had said that in the recommended readings he provided, there were many views as to whether or not that decision cost the Japanese the war and their pride. Some scholars believe that had they not angered the Americans they could've stayed out of it, but some reckon that they would have been attacked after Germany fell anyway. He (lecturer) kept stressing on why did they do this? He said they needn't have attacked Pearl Harbour if they were worried about the sanctions imposed on them, because they have taken over Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, 'which were easy pickings really' (he really said that!) and use the natural resources these countries have.

But anyway, I'm finding this subject more and more interesting! And the lecturer seems really lenient, so I hope he isn't too strict with marking the essays.

Rundle Mall, the main (and probably only) street for shopping. Also taken by a friend.

Other than that, uni's been more hectic this semester, with tougher coursework and more preparation needed for classes. Last semester I could simply have walked into class not knowing what the topic of the day was, but this semester, or at least for now, I'm reading whatever the lecturer gave. These few days it really seems like I have a lot to do. But then again it could just be because I've also been watching and downloading a lot of TV shows that in the end a lot of my time is used to watch these shows.

Also, I'll be taking a hiatus from blogging as I'll be away. In my absence, take care!
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