Sunday, 29 August 2010

I guess most of you here would know that I'm studying public relations. But what I believe most people don't know is that public relations isn't about publicity alone; there are many other jobs a PR person would need to do like writing and liaising with the media. Last semester, as part of my assignment I had to create and update a blog, where I had to post what I learned.

But that's not all I learn in university. There are other core subjects that I need to study as well, like media studies. I've always been interested in what a journalist or a reporter does in their jobs, especially when they're not on TV. Below are some videos of bloopers and funny incidents that have been caught on camera. I've placed the longest two at the top which are compilations, the rest are individual events. I highly recommend you watch the LAST one. I saw it on TV here, and it made me laugh non stop!

To all future journalists, be careful what you say and do on TV! And never broadcast a report from the middle of a football field!
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