Thursday, 26 August 2010

Next week will be more hectic than usual considering I have a debate and an in class test coming up (which I'm actually quite worried about), so I have been pretty occupied these few days. It's a rather complicated subject that I think would make those who think that communication studies is easy think twice.

But I have trailers of movies that are not Oscar-worthy, or deserve to earn lots of money, but just that I want to watch them for the fun of it. The movies here are definitely not as anticipated as the ones I posted before, but nonetheless interests me.

The only reason I'm blogging is because when taking a break I started looking up on movie trailers to let go some steam, and found quite a number of interesting movies. And also because next week I'm expecting to have at least a day where the minimum temperature's above 10 degrees.

Enjoy the trailers and have a great weekend!
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