Friday, 9 July 2010

I love watching this reality show called Giuliana & Bill which documents the lives of Giuliana Rancic, the host of E! News and Bill Rancic, who, if I'm not mistaken, is the first winner of The Apprentice.

It is an absolutely hilarious show. Honestly, every time I watch it I can laugh and laugh and laugh. And I don't just watch an episode once. The chemistry between them is just undeniable; they can make fun of, tease, yell, argue with each other, and still laugh it off later on. Here are some clips of the show:

Originally, that's all that I saw the show as: a very funny reality show, that actually makes me laugh. But the more I watched the show, I realised that there was another aspect of it that highly interested me- the different faces we use in our daily lives.

You see, they were trying to get pregnant; and unfortunately after all their efforts, Giuliana found out that she was not pregnant. She was devastated and didn't know what to do, and at that time her assistant who she's very close with quit. But yet, when she's with her friend who went through fertility treatment, she merely asked about how IVF was like, and didn't mention all the other emotional stress she's in. But when she talks to other people or when she's hosting E! News, she seems cheerful and happy.

I was very interested in the way Giuliana in particular portrayed herself. When she's working, she does not allow her true emotions to show; and with her friends, she might reveal some things, but not all; with Bill however, she shows her true self be it sad and depressed or cheerful and happy.

Bill, too, was the same. When they were both so disappointed that she wasn't pregnant, he still could give motivational talks. I mean, public speaking is one thing, but motivating people when you're not too motivated yourself? That's really something.

That aspect of the show highly interested me- the way we have different faces. You might see an acquaintance who you remember as energetic and enthusiastic, and that's how they act when they're around you, but in truth they could be feeling upset over something. Only those close friends or family will know what they're going through.

I'm no different. There are so many layers to me, that I only show so much to people I don't know well, or don't feel comfortable opening up to. To these people, when they ask how I've been or how I'm doing, or how I'm liking Adelaide, my answer wouldn't be exactly what I'm feeling, or just a part of it.

 And somehow, I find myself really interested in the way we humans have this 'multiple faces' thing. I would say that it's mainly because I realised that previously in college, and now in uni, when interacting with people I'm generally a different person compared to when you've know me for real. My college mates for one thing never expected me to be sarcastic and 'mean' when they first got to know me. But as we got closer then they slowly saw more to me. The same process is happening now in uni, albeit slower than I expected.

So, lesson of the day: when people say they're fine, they might just very well be depressed.

P.S. You can watch some episodes of Giuliana & Bill on TV Shack.
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