Thursday, 1 July 2010

Today, I managed to watch Julie & Julia.

The movie's about two true stories- a woman, Julie Powell, who, frustrated with her life, went to write a blog about her tries at recipes of Julia Child's (a famous cook, who apparently introduced French cooking to America). So basically, the movie switches between scenes of Julie trying out the recipes and the path to which Julia got her famous cookbook published.

It's a pretty decent movie I think. I could relate to Julie in a way, especially in one scene when her mother encouraged her to strive on with her blog, because she hasn't completed anything in her life to date. She likes writing, and had completed half a book, but somehow didn't finish it. In many ways, I found that I was just like that. Many of the things I do follows my whims, and when they fade, so do my enthusiasm.

I've actually tried writing several fan fictions, but I've only managed to complete one. While I received fairly positive feedback, I somehow lacked the confidence to continue writing more stories. I've tried writing a short story once, and had drafted it all up, before giving up on it; so I can definitely understand why Julie wanted to complete ONE project. In fact, that was why I decided to finish writing that fan fiction of mine a few years after I started writing it.

Now I will go off topic. While I scrambled to complete writing that fan fiction, I realised that the original storyline was not what I wanted anymore; mainly because of the changes to my life. So I do think that your writing reflects your life in a way. Just look at J.K Rowling. She came up about a story of a boy orphan whose parents was killed by a cruel being when she was a single parent and struggling financially. When I continued writing that story a few years later, I disagreed with the way the story should've went. And since I'm not comfortable showing it to anyone just yet, you'll be stuck reading my blog posts instead.

So now I'll return to Julie & Julia. Another interesting lesson that I think we can pick up from the movie is that many times in life, we look at celebrities we look up to because of their public persona, not their true, personal one. We idolise them, but when we meet them for real, our respect for them goes down the drain because of their attitude (most of the time). In the movie, Julia didn't like the idea of Julie writing that blog about trying her recipes. Although Julia's stance did not affect Julie in any way, I would feel let down if a celebrity I admire turns out to be a self-absorbed person.

And of course, finally there is the fame- Julie became a celebrity in a way. She published a book, became an author, and had her book turned into a movie. I mean, who doesn't want that? To see your name in print, to have people recognise you as you walk down the street, and to have a movie where there's a scene with the line "based on the book by...". What more can one ask for in life?
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