Saturday, 17 July 2010

They say that home is where the heart is. Whoever they is, I agree completely with them.

Recently when my flight landed on LCCT, the pilot of the plane had said 'to the non-Malaysians, welcome to Malaysia, and to the Malaysians, welcome home'. That struck a chord in me, for I was very glad to be home indeed.

After going through the cold, cold winter in Adelaide, I was eagerly awaiting to experience the Malaysian weather; I wanted to remind myself what it was like to sweat, and wear shorts and a T-shirt at home without a sweater. As soon as I stepped down on the tarmac, I had this urge to scream. I wanted to yell 'HOME!' and lift my arms up, high in the air. I wanted to close my eyes and soak in the heat, sights and sounds of Malaysia. But of course, I had to restrain myself.

That was, I think, one of the difference of my trip back home from other people. Of course, it's only my first semester so as I grow to like my place I guess I'll slowly stop missing the heat from home.

Then that night itself, I went to a gathering of my close friends, with all but one of them knowing nothing of my return. When I made my appearance known I had received stares of bewilderment, as if they did not recognise me (which later they told me, they really didn't because they were too shocked!), before recognition dawned on them and they started asking me the basic questions of how I came back, how long, etc. The look on their faces when I appeared shall remain in my head, for I did not bring along a camera, and because some things are just best left on its own.

But now, I will be heading back to Adelaide in a few days, and I am dreading it a little. It seems like too short a time for me to be back home, and I'm already missing home. I miss the high speed broadband that had arrived in my house when I left (by the way, who said internet is slow in Malaysia? Back home I can download as many shows as I want, with no download limit), the Astro subscription which had entertained me with so many entertaining and informative programs (like Giuliana & Bill), the flat screen TV (I have to go back to a TV that looks like something from two decades ago), the cetak rompak DVDs, the food and of course, family and friends.

Not once had I wish I was enjoying winter in Adelaide. Sure, I complained about the heat from home, but I would take it anytime over the chilling cold. I just find being hot so much easier to bear than being cold. In addition I had gone out with friends, sometimes late at night, which is not even possible in Adelaide (and probably the rest of Australia) unless it involves alcoholic drinks. Here, I have the adored mamak!

I cannot explain just how happy I was to be back. It just cannot be explained in words. But suffice to say that I very nearly yelled out in joy the moment I set foot on the tarmac.

P.S. Here's an ad from Kit Kat that I absolutely love. The song's stuck in my head, and I can't fail to laugh every time I watch it!  

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