Wednesday, 7 July 2010

I have several confessions to make.

1. I've watched Twilight AND New Moon on the very first day it came out in Malaysian cinemas.

2. I do think Harry Potter is better, although I do think credit must be given to Stephenie Meyer for achieving such an incredible feat (even E! thinks Harry Potter's better).

3. I've not been blogging because I'm trying to limit the amount of time I spend online.

4. I enjoy watching pranks that are mean in nature, like suddenly screaming in the elevator or pretending you've been electrocuted, or even postings on FML that goes something like "I cussed at my future father in law thinking he was a thief trying to steal my car", or "my toddler fed me his poo". Rest assured, I'm not sadistic, or heartless as some people believe.

5. I watched Serena Williams win Wimbledon, but not Rafael Nadal.

6. I love Survivor. I mean, really, really love it.

7. I'm smelling the aroma of cookies being baked right now, but I don't know where it's coming from.
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