Tuesday, 15 June 2010

I'm not sure whether I've put it here, but social media's apparently so popular and so powerful. And just look at how many politicians have blogs now. But I'm constantly wondering whether they wrote their blogs themselves or have an assistant be them instead.

Like our PM's blog, for example. It's updated pretty often, and sometimes I just wonder whether he writes those himself! I mean, I read recently that the Aussie PM apparently has fake Twitter followers! So anything can happen; even the PM's blog. And didn't someone say Mahathir has an assistant post what he writes on his blog?

Fried chicken with kimchi and sliced onions. No cooking required actually, just dumping the ingredients into the pan! And it didn't taste that bad, too. 

But no doubt, it has some usefulness in it. For one, it gives him a more approachable and personal aura. Then he also recently asked his readers what their academic qualifications were. The blog definitely provided information that is insightful.

But I guess this is one of the things that I've learned at uni, and that is don't trust everything you see online. I mean, obviously I knew I couldn't trust everything, but from being at uni I start to question more and more when I see something online. Even Hillary Clinton can be made to fart:

That was so funny, wasn't it? But it's completely fake.

Anyway, I've finished my first semester at university! Only five more to go, and I'm sort of hoping that it passes by quickly, because I'm just not adjusting as well as I hoped I would. Time definitely flies, it seems like not too long ago that I first set foot here! Unfortunately, I still have assignments due this week, but I'm almost done now! And considering I have no exams this semester, I feel so much better when I don't remember what I've learned in class!
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