Saturday, 8 May 2010

Hello readers!

I apologise for not updating my blog, I had been busy.

I'm surprised by how fast time is going by. On Monday I will begin week 9 out of 13 of my course! That's just.. 5 weeks till I end this semester! It really seems incredible that 11 weeks have passed since uni began (9 weeks of uni + 2 weeks' study break) and yet, I still feel like I just came here. Technically, I really did just came here, as in a few days it will be 3 months. I haven't even had time to look back on my 3 months.

Soon, my first semester will be over and my winter break will start.

The front of my uni, at night!

I definitely slacked off a little, for I am behind assignments, at least a little. This weekend I will be working to catch up with it, then hopefully I won't worry so much anymore. I understand how uni life can be so busy, the assignments aren't easy sometimes, especially the group ones. Lots of effort is required, and you need to meet. The thing is, back in college we were all in the same class anyway, so we see each other more often, and are closer to each other. So when we meet up to discuss an assignment, it can be after class. But in uni, we all have different subjects, are in different courses, so we basically only see each other in class. Setting a time to meet can be tough, because everyone's got different schedules.

Founders of Adelaide? Anyway this was taken at the beach.

But I've also had some good times. The TV is a wonderful escape, especially when it comes to shows I like to watch. But I was a little disappointed that one of my favourite contestants on Survivor got voted out, for the first time in 3 seasons!

Back to my classes. I'm finding that some lessons are interesting, especially when they involve humour. Here's one video my lecturer posted in her blog about the power of social media:

Pretty exciting isn't it! I bet you hadn't thought about social media in that way!

That was part of my PR course, where we learnt about the upcoming trends in PR. Obviously, social media is a trend!

But we also learnt about the different audiences we need to address and their opinions. To show us the potential that opinion polls can be rigged, this is what she showed us:

Pretty true and funny, isn't it? I do think I've used that technique before, like last year for my college research paper.

Well, that's it for now. I need to return to my assignments. But I promise, the next update won't take as long!
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