Sunday, 9 May 2010

One week ago, I volunteered at the Tasting Australia event.

 It's a food and wine festival, so you basically had booths selling different kinds of food. I was chosen to work in the Miele Cooking Demonstrations, which was, as the title says, cooking demonstrations, but by celebrity chefs. Because of this, they had opened an online booking system. My job for the day, officially, was to register these people and allow them to enter the tent/marquee. Of course, seeing that this is an event, there were of course other tasks to do, like arranging chairs and placing the recipes by the different chefs for the audience to take home.

I must say, it was pretty hectic. Some people were just crazy over these celebrity chefs, whom I've not heard of before. Some of them probably even walked right past me without me noticing. It was that bad.

But it was really funny to see these people look so happy and excited to see these chefs! It looked downright embarrassing to me, but I guess it's because I'm not a fan. From the schedule above, you can see that only 2 shows were full, but in fact, all of them were.

That's the place! It's not very clear, but you can see the size of the place for the event.

The most annoying part, was that a lot of people simply booked the seats, but barely half turned up. The ones that came on that day had to be disappointed to find out that they couldn't enter. But later on we learned our mistake and told them to wait till we let those with registrations to enter and then we'll let those without to enter, if there are spaces.

It was a really rewarding experience for me, as I really learned a lot. And I enjoyed it! The people were so polite! Even those who were disappointed didn't scream their heads off. And one or two even said thank you for providing them with such an entertaining show as they were leaving.

And the superiors! They were so much nicer than Malaysian ones. I mean, you know how sometimes, these people who are in charge of something feel really stressed out and will bark orders every 5 minutes? Or perhaps they way they talk to you seem condescending? Anyway, the people at Tasting Australia weren't. They had this chilled out way of doing things, not stressing over anything, and are so helpful! I even got asked whether I want any drinks, several times! That's how nice it was working with them.

I came home exhausted of course, as I had to work for the whole day for 2 days, but it was all worth it.

Another thing that I realised, is that Aussies seem to emphasise a lot on work experience. Doesn't matter if you just scraped through your exams in uni, as long as you have the necessary experience and skills, you have an advantage.

Anyway, I'm in the midst of making a résumé as part of my assignment, then after that, I will start looking for a job. Wish me luck!
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