Wednesday, 21 April 2010

One thing I've realised from being here is that I seem to be a slightly different person from back home. Library books can be found on the floor of my room, not stacked up; I seem to be able to live with dirtiness because I'm too lazy to clean the place, and I can't keep track of the date.

The beach!

Seriously, I really don't know what date it is. Sometimes it even takes me sometime to figure out the day. I think it's mainly because back home, there were several calendars at home so I can always look at them. Here, I don't, unfortunately.

So that's that. I think the main reason of my change in 'personality' is that there just seem to be more things to worry about- what to eat, when to pay the bills, etc.

I wouldn't say that I'm a completely different person, because back home I do have piles of books stacked untidily or dusty cabinets, but I guess here it grew a little bit more as I become more lazy, or "I have more important things to think about".

Anyway, here are the two things I cooked.

First: Chicken in caramel sauce.

I used potatoes, onions and chicken only. First I fried them, then added water, finally mixing it with caramel sauce (dark soy sauce equivalent) and soy sauce. I think normally back home just dark soy sauce is enough, but caramel sauce tastes different, it does not have any saltiness to it. And I used corn flour to make it more viscous.

Next: Omelette

 A beat egg, with onions. Nothing special to it.  

And does anyone watch Survivor? This is a very funny video, if you know who Rupert is!

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