Monday, 19 April 2010

I have one more week of my teaching break, and I will be focussing on my assignments.

Sadly, I had failed to start on them last week, being caught up with the laziness and visiting places.

Me, reading a board at the pier. It was really that cold that I had to have my hoodie on! 

I had visited the beach, it was not bad. The weather was pretty cold, and we just walked around, and managed to see the sunset! It was amazing, we walked to a spot where we could see the sunset just in time. We started taking pictures, and in under 2 minutes it went below the ocean line. We were really, really lucky to have managed to capture a picture of it.

And that, folks, is the sunset, that I took with my phone's camera.


I also visited...the ZOO! It was pretty much the same, except that Adelaide Zoo boasts 2 star attractions: pandas. Wangwang and Funi, the highlight of Adelaide Zoo. Personally, I felt that it was a bit of a turn off. Everywhere, they talk about the pandas. There were gift shops and posters and souvenirs of the pandas, and when we bought our ticket we were given a ticket called a 'pandatix'. It's the entry to the panda closure. They called it something like 'panda show', and there was a time on the ticket saying when we can enter, so I thought it would be a performance, but guess what? It was just for us to enter the exclusive panda closure to see the pandas live their lives. 


Look! Selamat Datang! In ADELAIDE! Wanna know why! Adelaide zoo splits their animals into different sections, based on where they're from. There's this part, where, unsurprisingly, is where some animals found in Malaysia and Indonesia are kept, like the Malaysian sun bear, the tapir, the Sumatran tiger, etc. 

And now, here's the new feature of my blog: Food!

I will be talking about the food I've cooked in Adelaide. I've only just started today, so this is the first picture I've taken.

So, I will start with today: Tom Yam Fried Rice.

Ingredients: Rice (obviously), potatoes, onions, ikan bilis, fishballs, kangkong and sliced chillies with tomyam paste.

Basically, I dumped the onions and potatoes into the heated oil, then followed it up with the ikan bilis and rice. Stirred till the rice became hot (it was rice from the fridge) then added the kangkong (which is almost a week old and looked like dried tea leaves) and fishballs, and then added the tomyam paste. The cut chillies came in last. Took about 5-10 minutes to cook (I think) and about the same time or less to prepare.

The tomyam paste was actually a life saver, when I first arrived here I had nothing to cook, so I cooked rice and fried it with the tomyam paste. But since I got the caramel sauce (which is basically the equivalent of dark soy sauce back home) I've not used the tomyam, and I wanted to be reminded of how I had lived for the past 2 months, and also because I felt it right that my first 'recipe' here should be one of the first things I cooked here. Although, I didn't have this many ingredients, so I just fried rice with ikan bilis and fishballs, I think. I can't remember. Like I said a few posts back, I don't remember how I managed 3 meals a day.

So anyway, there it is. Tomyam fried rice. Hmmm, maybe I should start a food blog, no?
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  1. dhavati says:

    Bravo ! That's really a nice plate of fried rice ! Good job , son .