Friday, 9 April 2010

I finally, after such a long time, completed my assignments! I can't believe it took me such a long time, it seems like I started doing it so long time ago, yet I kept getting stuck and didn't know what to write, and as a result I had to do some last minute work.

But I managed to submit it on time, still. That's one of the good things about UniSA, or universities in general. Assignments are handed in online, so I can do it from the comfort of home. I wouldn't need to go all the way to uni to hand in the assignment, although I did that today for one of the assignments as the lecturer had requested for a hard copy as well as a soft copy.

My farewell, at Pavilion. We went to MyThai at Starhill for dinner.

So here begins my 2 week break. It will be interesting to see how I spend my time; it'll be so boring I think. Hopefully I'll find something to while the time away.

Here's a video on The Star Online on the resignation of Wanita MCA chief Chew Mei Fun:

Is it me, or did her deputy a.k.a the new leader seem a little too happy announcing her predecessor's resignation? Even smiling (and reading) about how they appealed to her to reconsider her resignation. Very convincing, that one.

I know, I went out of topic, if there even is one. Anyway, isn't it interesting to see debates on whether or not international students should return to Malaysia after graduation to contribute to our home country, or flee and find greener grasses elsewhere?

By the way, did you guys know that if you right click on a YouTube video, there's a 'Stop Download' function?

Both sides of the argument have their strong and weak points. Of course, I do get asked sometimes whether I intend to stay on or return home. Right now, I'm still undecided, but hopefully when the time comes I will be able to make a decision.

I've been following news back home as close as I can, reading online sites. It just feels nice to know what's happening back home. I don't even bother whether it's from the mass media or the alternative media, as long as it's from Malaysia, I'll read it.

Right, that wraps up this post. I know I went all over the place with this one with many unrelated topics, but they were all too short to be separated into different posts! Have a nice weekend!
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