Saturday, 3 April 2010

It feels good to hear the prefect juniors back in SJ greeting me like how they used to.

Waiting for my bro by the school gate and seeing prefects walking out - while afternoon session ones walk in, holding their prefect file like how we used to - and (hey it's a Friday) seeing Badminton Club members in PJ shirts, carrying their racket bags, walking to the SS15 hall with a group of friends; wow this is making me think of the days when I used to do those stuff!

I miss walking around the school compound with my blazer.

I miss tick-tack-tick-tacking on the P.A system.

I miss making announcements every 7.20am, 7.30am and even 7.25am in the rainy mornings.

I miss tying the flags every morning (although Weng Seng always scolded us because they looked ugly).

I miss raising the flags on Mondays (although he also scolds us when we're too fast/slow).

I miss running up and down on Mondays, getting prepared to host the assembly.
I miss emceeing in SJ.

I miss patrolling the school compound on normal weekday mornings, opening all the stair grilles.

I miss going to Zubaidah on special days, getting the hall keys and opening the hall doors.

I miss putting my hand out in a Spotcheck Line, shouting "COLOURED BRA!"

I miss filing BDs in the BP.

I miss labeling barang larangan with stickers.
AH! There's so many things I miss! I miss them, because they make me feel useful!

Those, were the days we'll never get back. Pretty emo-ish to think about it. :(

That was taken from EL's blog. I felt that I just had to post this up, because I feel the same way. I think you would have known that I'm still feeling homesick and missing those little things about home that seemed so insignificant before but not anymore.

Okay I admit that I only added this pic to brag about getting 2 silver medals in the school's badminton tournament. I lost, but hey, silver medalists are Datukship material okay!

When I look back and reflect on my high school life, I felt that it was really an amazing time in my life. I miss every single detail of it. I missed the innocence, the prefectorial duties, eating in class (remember the keropok days, EL?), plagiarizing work (no kidding. I copied a friend's work 100%) which I can no longer do, and so many more the list goes on and on.

It just goes to show how important high school is. I went through college, and am in uni now, but I still look back fondly to my high school days. Sure there were many mistakes made, but the fun times completely outweigh them.

Reading EL's post not only reminded me of how much I miss my school life, but also on how different our 'prefectorial careers', if you can call it that, was. And yet, we stayed as friends! I didn't enter the PA board, I entered Discipline instead; and I definitely was never good at spotchecks. It just wasn't one of my strengths. I think the perception of my strength in school was, uhm, handling money. But I like to think of it more along the lines of administration. But we do miss the same thing, in essence.

And it isn't just being a prefect that I miss. There are so many other beautiful, priceless memories that I had in school. The only regret I have is not taking pictures of them. Maybe I will embark on a mission to find any ones that remain on the Net.

My time in high school was definitely the best time of my life I've had, especially the last year, and I would do it again in an instant.

To end this post, here's a song that I feel captures what I feel right now to some extent, and probably what EL feels as well.

To any high school students who are reading this, enjoy it while it lasts!
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