Thursday, 1 April 2010

Tomorrow's Easter, and so it's a public holiday. And Saturday. Sunday and Monday, too.

Easter's this huge holiday in Australia, even April Fool's take a back seat. I have not heard or seen any pranks that happened today. Or maybe it's just that people in university don't prank others anymore, maybe they're 'grown up'. Or they just want the holiday season to come.

Honestly, I had totally forgotten that today's April Fool's until Yi Xian reminded me of the prank a few of us played on him two years ago.

So I will be staying at home, doing nothing but assignments. Maybe I will go out, but that is if there are people who are willing to and shops that are open. During festive seasons everyone goes on holidays. That's the difference with back home I guess. We think from the customers' point of view that they need to go to places during holidays and shops should therefore be open, whereas here they think from the shopkeepers' side that even they should get a break on holidays.

I find that I'm missing driving more and more. Just the other day I peeked into cars just to see whether it was a car with an automatic gearbox or a manual one.

And I'm actually dreading the holidays. I have a 4 day Easter break, then 3 days of classes, then a 2 week teaching break. Since I was young I had loved holidays, but this time I find myself having nothing to do, which means I will have to be cooped up at home, alone. No Pyramid outings, no Old Taste or Hassan yam cha sessions.

I can't seem to remember what I originally planned to write, so I'll just stop here. When I do remember, I'll try to remember it and write it down!

But to end this post, here's the awesome trailer to Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief that I've been dying to watch: 

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