Friday, 2 April 2010

I've remembered what I originally planned to write about last night: Earth Hour.

I think tomorrow would make it a week since the event? I'm not sure, I'm horrible with dates these days.

Anyway, I didn't 'celebrate' Earth Hour by turning off my lights. In fact, I carried on with my life as usual. It's not that I'm unconcerned about the Earth, it's just that I have other priorities, like my assignments. I mean, how many lecturers you know would give you a deadline extension because you switched off your lights? I doubt it, because I can still use the computer with the lights off, which leads me to my next point- you can have all the lights off and still have your electricity meter running as usual.

I also read an interesting column by Andrew Bolt (no idea who he is) in our local newspaper here:

Earth Hour. Could there be a better symbol of this feckless age in which seeming counts for more than doing? In which we pose as noble for having done something as pointless as it's painless?

If I really thought man's gases were heating the world so dangerously that, as Al Gore says, “the future of human civilisation is at stake”, I’d feel the call to do more than turn off some lights for just one hour a year.

But, no, on Saturday night, tens of thousands of your fellow citizens made a huge show about how good they were to do for one hour what they couldn’t be bothered doing for the other 8759.

So to save the planet from apocalyptic global warming, the lights on the Sydney Harbour Bridge were turned off. For one hour.

To save the planet from frying, government buildings were dimmed. For one hour.

Here and there, the houses of green activists went dark. For one hour - and even then the fridge was left running, because we can’t let the peas defrost just to stop Armageddon.

But, but, but, the apologists will splutter, this is really just about “raising awareness”. So you know, we’ll then Do Something.

Ah, raising awareness. That refuge of people who love to nag others rather than do the hard yakka themselves.

Reality check: anyone not already aware of the great global warming scare?

Now, anyone doing much to actually “stop” it? 

I found that I agreed with him, most of the time anyway. I mean, are we really going to make this a yearly thing?

After one hour, we go back to our lives. Corporate executives would still fly in their luxurious private jets. Hollywood celebrities would still spend money buying a 5 bedroom home for ONE person to live in. Oh and a certain country would still be using nuclear weapons in the name of 'defence'.

Read the full piece here.
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