Saturday, 20 March 2010

Hello all! Seems like a long time since I last updated, I apologize.

I’ve been adapting to life at university- there’s always so much to read! And for our assignments we’re expected to read a lot and research more. I guess this is the life of a university student.

I’m enjoying most of my classes; I’m actually learning a lot of things. Except for one subject, which I don’t see the point of learning it at all. It just seems like the course was put together with no objective in mind, and the lecturer tends to go out of topic pretty often as well. Occasionally, to prove that if you don’t understand a language it will just be sounds to you, she would speak in German.

This week, I had stayed back at uni after classes every day to do some reading and research, since I still don’t have my internet connection. My appointment’s on Wednesday, though, so if all goes well I will have my own internet by Wednesday.

Speaking of which, once again I’ve faced a minor bump on the way, which could’ve turned into a bigger problem. The problem? The property manager. Some of you might have heard about me not liking the place I’m in; actually I’m rather getting used to living here, it’s the company renting the place out that’s giving me problems. There seem to be countless mistakes and errors on their part, and the way they run things is just plain inefficient at times. In the end after begging and pleading with them, it was solved. But I will elaborate on this more when I do have my own internet.

I’m really tired of how they’re treating me. I’m just thinking, the saying goes “do unto others what you want done upon you”. So if you look at it from the other person’s perspective, does it not mean that you should treat others how they treat you?

I’m just saying.
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