Thursday, 11 March 2010

I have been here a month, believe it or not.

And how have I been? Without an internet connection of my own, I have been surviving on the university’s internet connection. Pretty hard to believe when I’ve used the internet all the time while I’m home.

And believe it or not, at the time of writing, I still do not have my internet connection. The payment has gone through from what I saw, so now it’s just the waiting game to see when it will arrive. I was told it takes 10-20 working days, which is horrible, but hopefully they will exceed my expectations this time.

Classes have been all right. I have no problem understanding what the lecturers and tutors are saying, it’s adjusting to the system that’s hard. The locals here have the advantage thanks to their upbringing. They are quick to analyze something they’re told, and quick to ask questions about it too. And I have to say that I don’t fare so well in that department. I have always been a passive learner. I sit and let information enter my head. I do not question, I do not analyze. I just absorb.

As to getting used to the place, I’m finding it pretty confusing. It seems that I take more time than the normal person does to familiarize with a place. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that I rarely explore. My life revolves around being at home studying and preparing for classes, watching TV shows on my laptop or the TV, or being at uni either at classes or at the computer labs. On days with no classes I either stay at home, or go to the market (I’m trying to make it once a week), or go out with friends when there’s an outing. I don’t make it a habit to explore the place, and hence I don’t know it so well.

The weather’s getting colder these days, and the sun sets earlier. I would say that it is pretty much like back home right now, by 7am the sun is rising, and by 730 the sun is setting; just that the weather is cold, like in Cameron Highlands or Genting right now. I can’t imagine how winter will be like. I’ve never experienced winter anywhere before, so it will be interesting I think, although I must say I don’t think I’ll like winter, it’ll be cold, wet and gloomy. I think I’m more of a summer person, where the sun rises early and sets late. I’m more of a morning person anyway.

My accommodation… I shall refrain from saying anything now. I actually have a blog post ready to be posted right now (I had nothing to do, so I might as well pen my thoughts!) about my apartment, but I’ll wait till I get my own internet first, since I still need to get a set of keys from them to open some box thing so the technician can set my internet up. Once that’s done then I can at least talk about it a little; when my contract’s done it’s no holds barred.

To quote my English teacher back in school, who in turn used to quote some scorned political wife saying “don’t get mad, get even”.
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