Monday, 8 March 2010

I’m officially a university student now. How is it like?

For starters, I’m expected to be more mature now. I’m expected to prepare for classes and revise what I’ve just learned, and also ask questions during tutorials and complete assignments on time.

Before every class, the lecturer will post some readings plus the chapters from the text book that I’m supposed to read on the course website, and us students are expected to go on it and find out. Then after the lecture, we’re expected to go to the website again to download the lecture notes.

Back home in school and college, there are always teachers and lecturers who will still pressure you to some point, reminding you of the need to study. A Malaysian thing perhaps? Here they don’t do that. They tell you that if you work hard, you can rise to the top. But they do not force you, though. It’s entirely your choice.
And of course, like any other uni, in every class, I will be with different people. Every course will have people from different years and different programs.

My first week has been really just introductions to the courses, lecturers just spend the time telling us what the course is about, what to expect, and assignments. At least all of them mention that it’s okay to feel lost and unsure, and it’s okay to approach them to ask questions.

One interesting thing a friend of mine has been told by his lecturers is about homesickness. According to him, we don’t normally feel homesick so quickly because right now it still feels like we’re on vacation; it is when time drags on that you slowly realize that you’re gonna be away from home for a very long time.

I find this to be completely true; I have not felt extremely homesick since I came here, mainly because the lifestyle I’m living right now is completely different; there is nothing to remind me of home… yet.
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