Sunday, 28 March 2010

I admit, I'm feeling pretty homesick right now.

It comes mostly at night, when I'm alone, supposedly to do my assignments.The reason? Most likely because the days are getting shorter, the nights are getting gloomier and with the Internet comes my surfing habits, my first reminder of home.

The saying is very true, you don't know what you've missed till it's gone. I can't say what I miss right now, it seems like I miss everything!

I miss waking up in the mornings and having newspaper bought, and being able to bring them to the dining table and read them while having my conveniently-prepared breakfast.

I miss turning my phone on (I no longer turn it off in the night in case of emergencies). I miss going online without having to constantly think about how much I've used already.

I miss driving out to meet up with friends, or go to classes, or going to the mamak for breakfast.

I miss the carefree days. I miss being a child. Being here makes me feel as if I'm growing up, when I don't. Come to think of it, being here makes me realise what an easy life I've led back home. I'd like nothing better than to cower back in the safety of home.

The internet's reminded me of what I had, what I left behind, and what I'm losing- my childhood.

And more than that, it reminds me of home, where my family and friends are.
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