Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Once again, there's a sudden rush of assignments, and I find myself dealing with deadlines again.

Not that it's very last minute, I still have till next Friday, but assignments in university are expected to have lots of prior research done. Having internet now means that I don't have the luxury to watch TV shows or surf the net aimlessly, rather I have to do research on topics for my assignments.

I'm finding academia more and more interesting, maybe one day you'll see me working as a lecturer! LOL! Although, research isn't much fun, especially the part where you have to reference your work.

Being here, made me feel really proud of being Malaysian. I mean, I'm so thankful that we have mamaks and crazy drivers (which, actually, means we have superior driving skills- speed limit in Adelaide's 50, can you believe it?) and... everything. It's just so familiar to me, and so nice.

Survivor Heroes Vs Villains! It's pretty entertaining.

Today I read a book about international public relations, and there was a chapter about PR in South East Asia, and the author only mentioned Malaysia and Singapore. I was interested nonetheless. I read on PR in Malaysia, and even took notes! Hopefully they'll come in handy one day. But anyway, apparently PR in Malaysia started right after World War II, as the British needed to unite the people and convince them that the communists didn't win the war with Japan, they did.

And since being away means I have no contact with home, I've been reading blogs. Marina Mahathir had wrote about hyperpartisanship recently.

Isn't that exactly what's happening in Malaysia? I find that so true, the politicking is ridiculous. In fact, I think even here in South Australia it's about the same, just slightly better than back home. You may or may not have heard, but the SA state election had just passed. But I find that the politicians had been attacking each other in almost the same way as back home.

Tomorrow, it is classes as usual, but I'm actually thankful for that. Having classes keeps me busy and keeps my thoughts away from home, and I can actually get out of the house. Forcing myself to wake up is a good thing now, because it means that I have something to do.
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