Saturday, 6 March 2010

Here in Australia, Adelaide to be exact, I would check the weather forecast at least once a day.

It would sound weird to people from tropical countries, like Malaysia, because back home you only need to prepare for 2 types of weather- hot and sunny, or windy and rainy. Most of the time, whatever you’re wearing will do, if it rains just grab an umbrella, or stay indoors till the rain has stopped.

But in a country with 4 seasons, you’ll find that the weather can be bizarre at times, especially during the intervals between 2 seasons. During summer it was hot, but now with autumn approaching, the weather can be freaky. During the day, when you see the sun, don’t expect it to be hot like in Malaysia; it can very well be cold, like today- It was sunny, but the wind was so strong I actually wore a jacket, jeans and shoes.

At night, it is getting colder, the wind is also stronger. This week’s forecast is for windy days. It is so important to look at the forecast because of this. You can’t judge how the weather is like without going outdoors, and you’ll need to dress appropriately. I mean, it may look sunny outside, but if it’s cold then it makes no sense to wear short pants and slippers; you would do better wearing shoes with a pair of long pants.

Temperature can be very important, too. This morning when I looked out, it looked like a clear, sunny day, but when I checked the temperature, it was 15 degrees! Or at least it was when the database was last updated, which is an hour at the most.

Currently as I’m typing this, the wind is howling through my front door. What I hate more than anything, is the dust. Adelaide is an extremely dusty place. When the wind blows dust just flies in through my door, and will leave the floor in need of cleaning. Which means mopping the floor will be a common activity.

I’m typing this on Sunday, February 28, 2010, the eve of the day my classes begin, and it’s probably time for me to get ready for my first lecture tomorrow. I’m pretty excited; I’m running out of things to do during the day. And I’m eager to experience life as a university student here, just to see how different it is from a university student back home.
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