Friday, 26 February 2010

Hi all. So you may have been wondering, what have I been doing while disconnected from the entire world? And how I managed to survive this long?

I honestly do not know how I managed to survive this long. Living away from family in a faraway place is not an easy thing to do. You just have to be so much tougher; bring it up a notch, and I have no idea how I managed it. Survival instinct perhaps?

Or maybe it’s the things that keep me occupied- during the day there are so many things to do that I simply do not have time to think about home. Coming to a new place is not easy; there are so many things that one would need to do. And I have been kept busy with my accommodation problems (which will be in another post) and the general lack of stuff I would require to survive.

At night, I have made do with DVDs that my friend had loaned me. If not for them I would not know how to spend my nights, which can be very lonely because this is when I unwind from the day and relax.

There are still things that I have not completed, and I will hopefully be occupied by it until my internet arrives and classes begin. It is true that there is nothing to do in Adelaide, unless you’re a pub person. Everything closes at 5 or even at 4. Things here get done very slowly. The buildings, houses and infrastructures look ancient. Basically it’s a small town, except that the population’s 1.1 or 1.2 million now, so during peak hours congestion does happen. Can’t really picture it in your head? Come here, and you will understand.

I have met some friends, 2 of which are staying at the same apartment as I am. We have been going places together and bonding, for which I’m grateful for. Oh and at 19, I’m the youngest in the group. The oldest one is nearly a decade older.

I have survived so far, and am determined to ride this out, although at times I do reach a low point. But the main thing is that I am at a stage of adjusting, and am not giving this up so easily.

Right now, I have not gotten my internet, and have no idea when can I get it. So, just be patient!
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