Sunday, 28 February 2010

So 15th of February was the first day of my orientation. Since I had no internet I can only write it in Word, so this is a brief recap of my 2 weeks’ orientation, which was pretty fun!

The first day we just had a talk and then that was more or less finished for the day. The second day was just a repeat, so I didn’t attend. On Wednesday we were required to head to the City West campus (there are 5 campuses- City West, City East, Mawson Lakes, Whyalla and Magill where I’m at) for a compulsory briefing for all international students. Immigration department, South Australian Police, and others came to brief us on important information we would need to know.

On Thursday we headed once again to the City West campus, where the first session was a talk on the public transport. Basically we were taught the basics of the public transport here, which is really efficient. I think it’s one ticket fits all, not like Malaysia where you need different tickets for LRT, KTM, bus, monorail, etc.

After that was a making friends session, where we were separated into groups and were given tasks to do. Basically we had to interact with the people in our group. It was pretty nice, there was this Polish guy who was married in my group- he’s only 23!

The final session for the day was accommodation advice. The accommodation officer, who has been helping me deal with my problems with Student Living, gave good advice, but it was mainly for people who have not found a permanent place to live in yet. But then again, I’m moving out next year at the latest, so I guess the information was still helpful.

On Friday we went on a tour to the Adelaide Hills. First we stopped at this lookout point, where you can see most of Adelaide. Then we moved to Cleland Wildlife Park. Saw kangaroos and other Australian animals up close, as in really close because we were in the enclosure (like in a safari). It was normal I guess.

At night, we went for the Adelaide Fringe Festival. We didn’t go in, just saw the parade which in itself was something worth watching. The whole of Adelaide seemed to have converged there.

The second week I had only 2 days of orientation. The first was for the School of Communication, International Studies and Languages, which I’m under. There were some very informative sessions, before we were separated according to our courses. There we were given an introduction on what to expect in our course, and I found it very interesting.

On Friday, February 26, 2010, the last day of orientation, I attended a talk on Part Time Work. The speaker gave us tips on getting part time jobs, what our rights and obligations are, the procedures, etc. The next talk was on making the most out of your degree, how to market yourself as a graduate, how to get a job as a university graduate, etc.

So all in all, it has been 2 weeks of informative sessions. I got to meet people, made some friends, as well as listening to useful talks.

And I'm sorry I can't upload pictures, I didn't take many pictures and I don't want to use too much of data, my internet has a limit.

Classes start tomorrow, I'll update on it soon!
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