Monday, 8 February 2010

There's this column in The Star called But Then Again, and today the author wrote about how a person finds it hard to clear their closet because of the sentimental value.

I find it to be so completely true! There are some articles of clothing I own that I just want to pack along to Adelaide, but just can't find the space to put it. So I need to prioritize and not bring everything.

But it's not all about clothes, either. There are some items that I just want to bring along with me because of its sentimental value. Right now I'm trying hard to determine what are the things I really need and what are the things I don't really need. It's very hard because I want to bring things that will remind me of good times when I'm feeling homesick. I know, it might just make me feel worse, but I think it'll also give me something to hold on to.

I used to think that leaving home isn't that hard; but now I realize and understand what others have gone through. Leaving home is harder than one may think, and you won't know how it feels until you're the one leaving. But it's good for me I suppose, now I'll have to be independent, something I can only learn by being away from home.

Now I'm busy figuring out how to pack everything I want to bring with me. Hopefully I don't exceed the weight limit.

Oh, and here's the full article.
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