Wednesday, 17 February 2010

So I have arrived in Adelaide, and have been settling stuff since then. On the day I arrived (which was in the morning) I just went out the whole day getting things done, that by the time I went back I was exhausted. It wasn’t just because of jet lag or adjusting to a new place, it was because of the flight. I barely got any sleep. The lights were turned off for only awhile. They served supper, but by that time it was already past midnight. Then after they kept everything they turned the lights off for just an hour or two I think, before the lights got on again and breakfast was served.

I shall not tell how Adelaide is, for I do not want to make any judgements before I know the place well. I have not been exploring yet, but I have been brought around places that I can go to.

I will have to do so many more things, especially exploring and getting my bearings, but in the meantime I shall survive. My apartment’s really minimal; nothing much so I’ll need time to decorate it a little.
The people I’ve encountered so far are really friendly; smile at someone and he/she will smile right back at you. The other day when I was getting my phone number the guy was just so friendly. When the process was nearly done he said something like “There! We got there pretty quickly, didn’t we?” and when I was approved (it’s called a credit check, basically they want to know you can use and pay for their service for a given amount of time as they’re giving you a really good deal plus a good phone) he said something like “And there you go! You’re approved! Not too hard, eh?” I found it so hard to reply, except smiling and saying “Yeah”.

Oh and by the way, this post is typed on Word when I don’t have internet access, and this is posted using the university’s internet. Internet will take a few weeks more, so I won’t be able to update either. Maybe when I do I can write a few posts on surviving without internet, eh?

There will be more posts when I have Internet, I promise. Right now I'm writing everything in Word.

Till I have Internet then! Cheers!
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