Monday, 11 January 2010

A few days ago my sister bought a book, and finished it in a day or two. Yesterday I took it and began reading it.

The book? The Last Eunuch of China.

This is a biography written by a Chinese author, and the book was later translated. Basically this man, whose name I can't remember, decided to become a eunuch to escape poverty. The book chronicles his life, from birth to death (I think).

It was quite interesting at the beginning, telling about how his family was so poor. When a rich eunuch arrives in town, naturally he was interested. Later other events caused him to be determined to be a eunuch, even though his mother who loved him dearly was clearly against it. 

What followed was his father's agreement to castrate him. What's worse was descriptions of how this was done. There are several methods, which I shall not write down here, for yesterday night when I read it I found that I could no longer hold the book. It was nauseating, how young boys were prevented from developing into puberty. 

I might pick the book up again tonight, but I'm definitely skipping that chapter. I was surrounded by thoughts of barfing before I fell asleep. It was that disgusting. 

On a happier note, have anyone watched the movie Wild Child? It's a comedy starring Emma Roberts, and was really funny although the ending wasn't unexpected at all. 

It tells the story of an American teen who gets sent off to an English boarding school by her father. 

Of course, there's the insecure "popular" girl (head girl in this movie's case), the perfect guy, and loyal friends. It's like Sydney White (not sure if anyone's heard of this movie!). But it was still entertaining, so it's worth the time in my opinion. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a rating of 39%.
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