Sunday, 3 January 2010

Just like that, 2010 has arrived. Just like that, a year has passed.
And how did I usher in the new year? Unlike previous years, this time I was in my mum’s hometown. Boy, how different it was! Life there is slow, for a city person like me. There is absolutely nothing to do, except amuse yourself with a book perhaps, or maybe some computer games, the Internet (which was limited here) or even food. I have cons consistently been sleeping early while I am here; there is nothing for me to do at night. You can say that it is like being given a taste of how life in Adelaide would be like.
There were no New Year’s celebration near here that I know of; the only thing we did was head out to a kopitiam till around 10 before heading home. It was the only night thus far that I’ve slept after midnight, as I wanted to countdown to usher in the new year. You can say that there isn’t any New Year’s atmosphere at all.
I guess life like this isn’t that bad. Everything is so slow and laid back that you can really relax. I can’t really see myself living like this for long, but I suppose I’ll learn to.
And how did I spend my first day of 2010? Dim Sum breakfast, followed by my first movie of the year: Avatar.
When I return, I will have only one more month before leaving. I intend to fully enjoy my time, but sadly there are still many things to do before that. Hopefully, I will be able to sort everything out soon. I dearly want to enjoy my time here.
It is funny how I’m turning to my blog when I don’t have internet. This post is actually written in Word, without going online. I find that keeping a journal is such a good way of wasting time. I am truly thankful that I brought my laptop along; I would’ve died of boredom if I didn’t.
I also find myself totally cut off from the outside world- I had rarely used the Internet since Ipoh, and that was about 2 weeks ago. It sucks to feel this way, not knowing what’s going on.
But it’s not all bad. At the very least, I get to practice good sleeping habits!
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