Saturday, 23 January 2010

Yesterday I went for a pre departure briefing, then headed to Bukit Jalil to watch the Malaysian Open.

In the briefing, we were told on what should we prepare before leaving, as well as what to do and expect there. While there were some very good advice, some were just common sense, although obviously some students don't have it because they had to warn us about it!

We were asked to mingle around after the briefing with people going to the same place as us. There were 2 other students going to UniSA, one of which is my former schoolmate. But there was nothing to do, there was no point in getting the contact numbers because all three of us are in different courses in 3 different campuses.

On my way home I passed by another person going to UniSA (we wore tags) but I was rushing home so that I could get ready in time.

At the Malaysian Open, we managed to get good seats, 5th row without counting the VIP seats (other players, officials, media, etc). I got to see players warming up, as well as some really awesome matches!

As it was the quarter finals, the players played on 4 courts, and so my attention was split between 4 different matches at a time.

I didn't take many pictures because I believe flash photography is not allowed, and without the flash the pictures came out not very nice. But I did see some flashes throughout the matches. 

I find that I was very interested in the production aspects, like the cameras, the commentators booth (although I'm still not sure about this yet- care to enlighten me, EL), the journalists' workplace, etc; and also looking at how the players interacted with each other off court. Basically, the things you don't see on TV.

That's all I guess.
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