Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Today I managed to watch The Spy Next Door, starring Jackie Chan.

The movie’s about a spy for the CIA (Jackie) who is left to babysit his neighbour’s children. The reason? He’s in love with her, and would do anything for her. But a previous mission was compromised, and as a result he needs to prevent everyone from getting in trouble. Oh and the kids hate him, too.

I think the movie was meant to be a rather lame comedy. Think Frankie Muniz’s Agent Cody Banks and Stormbreaker (based on the Alex Rider novels, which are not lame or funny at all). And it was highly similar to Vin Diesel’s Pacifier.

The villains were just so… not evil. I can’t see how they can be world class criminals. They just don’t give off the “listen to me and give me what I want or you’re dead” vibe. Honestly they looked like a joke.

Jackie Chan wasn’t all that funny; it was the middle child who stole the show (by being a child genius). He just had fantastic one liners that made you laugh and wonder what he’s gonna say next. He was the one who kept the audience entertained. I think without him the movie would’ve been rather lame, although ticket sales would still be there thanks to Jackie Chan’s name.

George Lopez was in it too, though his role in the movie was, in my opinion, negligible. Even if he weren’t in the movie, the finale would still be the same. I wonder what his salary was.

But I was surprised that they had involved an American family in this. It just seemed so unusual for Hollywood. I mean, Jackie Chan, an Asian man, with a Caucasian woman? Unheard of in Hollywood, and I’m all for it. But Jackie’s accent is just too weird for me to imagine them being together.

Overall, the movie was not a waste of time, but it gets no better than that.
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