Thursday, 7 January 2010

It is so weird when the school year started this year. For the first time since I was 7, I did not attend any classes as I'm still on holiday and am waiting for my application to UniSA to be finalized.

Since standard 1, the beginning of the school year was dreaded. It meant that I can no longer rot at home and would have to do homework, and go to school. Last year, I had to drag myself to college, not knowing what I'll find there.

In my first day of Form 5, I wrote about suppressing one side of me, the wild side of me since I was very young. I had always exuded the aura of someone who's always controlled, a good student, kind and all that. I wrote that I should let go a little sometimes. And I did! My last year in school was life changing. I had definitely showed a wilder and meaner side, which carried on to college.

Our roles in a play for some activity. We had to look rebellious. It was so good we were asked to do it again for the afternoon session.
I also talked about how I was dissatisfied with my teachers. Just yesterday I was sitting down with a couple of friends talking about school, and I realized how I didn't pay attention to many teachers in my final year. Add Maths, Biology, Physics, Maths, and BM, to name a few. But there were really nice and good teachers as well, who made me enjoy their subjects more.

My signature pose! Seriously, that pose is copyrighted to me. I remember doing it a lot when I was young, the result of the teachings of a certain kindergarten teacher. One day I'll show you a picture of it... maybe.
Last year was when I stepped into college. It took me time to get used to it, perhaps more time than the average person needs. My first day was tiring. I had woke up at 6+, nearly 7, and was home only in the evening during orientation, which was exhausting. When I talked about my first week, it was Thursday, where classes ended at 2 with no classes on Friday, which was a relief.

Class picture, taken sometime early last year.
I also took time to adjust to the longer hours spent in classes. I remember that the first semester was tiring. We had classes from around 8-5, and there were probably only 2 subjects in a day. So minus the lunch hour, that's about 4 hours per subject. Anyone can handle an 8-5 day, but not if there's a lot of repetition.

 This picture is old! 

And this year, I have been unaffected by the new school year. No bags to pack, no classes to attend. It feels different, but I'm not complaining. Have I mentioned how much I love holidays when I can rot at home?

But it shows that the last 2 years have been life altering. I had complained about Form 5 at the beginning, but learned a lot and enjoyed it. Last year, I had to adjust to a new environment in college, and it was definitely fun while it lasted.
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