Friday, 29 January 2010

Noooo it's gonna be February soon!!

I actually wanted to type something about how soon I'm leaving for Adelaide, but instead every sentence that came out sounded as if I was going to die soon, so I scrapped them off.

I have been quite busy with preparations actually, there are always things I need to do. But hopefully now I'm done and I can start packing. Anyhow even if I have not bought everything I need I'll still need to start packing.

Taken during my trip to Gopeng last year. I didn't want to go out of the hut (yes, hut) looking horrible (the water was too cold to bathe in), and there were no mirrors, so I had to resort to the only technology available that can show me how I look.
It feels weird, going to a different place all alone for such a long time, where I'll be forced to adapt and be on my own. No parental help. Everyone keep asking me whether I'm excited.

Honestly, if it were a holiday then obviously I would be excited, but this is different. How can I possibly be excited when I'm leaving my homeland for such a long time? I get it, some people are excited at leaving home and seeing new things and making new friends, but I've always been a home person. I know I can adapt, but that doesn't mean it'll make me feel better.

Graduation! This picture was taken with my Moral teacher of 2 years. She was fussy, but her classes were always very insightful and enlightening. But she meant well. She just wanted her students to score. And I did!

It really means that I'm leaving everything I have here. How can I be excited over that? But then again, I'm not dreading it either. I know the day will come, I know I have to go, and a part of me want to go. I know it's the only way I can see the world, experience a different culture, and grow up.

So I find it really hard to answer that question. Normally I just smile, and sometimes I say I'm not excited, but I'm not dreading it. Sometimes I just let the conversation move to another topic.

Another thing that I get a lot is when I tell people when I'm leaving the reply would be "you're leaving before Chinese New Year? Why don't you leave AFTER?"

I'm a conehead!
I am sorely tempted to say "Yeah, yeah, I planned to go Adelaide before CNY for no reason". But I've been able to hold my tongue so far and explain politely that my orientation would be held during CNY.

I think I get annoyed when different people say the same thing. Once I pointed out to my sister, who had also observed that this 'trend' keeps happening to her, that every time she tells someone she's studying in Russia the reply would be "oh medicine- ah? I know so-and-so who's also studying there". Yeah, I love networking so much that I need to know every single Malaysian who is in Russia. Jeez, I can't imagine how it must be for her, even I am annoyed by it.

So the next time you see me, you know what to do: Don't say something everyone else already did.
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