Saturday, 16 January 2010

Guess what? For the past week or more, I have been staying at home, doing nothing but watching TV and surfing the Net. Occasionally there is a chore for me to do which requires me to get out of the house, or something related to my uni application.

But I wouldn't call it unproductive. It's just like taking a sabbatical. I'm taking a break before uni starts. And the love of staying at home is a trait that seems to come to at least one family member in every generation of the family. Anyway, I'm enjoying all the time that I can spend at home before I leave.

It is during these times that I think about life. How would I be when I've graduated, when I'm 30, when I'm 40, 50, and so on.

I've also continued watching Brothers & Sisters where I left off, and am again addicted to the show. It is getting better and better! And the problems the characters face are very real.

Somehow the idea of such a big family where no secrets can stay hidden is very appealing. And the idea of having so many siblings, too! It's so nice to see a big family who can make so much noise, because families nowadays are getting smaller and smaller that the atmosphere just isn't there anymore.

I just love large families, like my mother's. Her family is huge, sometimes the relatives don't even know they're related. Of course, it's smaller now.

Another thing I like is family history. I remember when I was young I begged my dad every night to tell me stories of his childhood that I could memorize them and tell others (not that I ever did).

We can be so funny sometimes, huh?
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