Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Today is the first of December. This is a very important day for me because:

One year ago, on this very same day, a swelteringly hot December the first, I took a huge step towards adulthood-

I got my driver's license.

Yeah yeah, many will say no big deal, but hey, it's an achievement! Plus, my birthday was in September, which was during the trail exams, which was followed by SPM. And I still managed to get my license a mere 4 days after my SPM. And I had liked cars and driving since I was a kid, so I was really happy to finally call myself a driver!

Anyway, Lady Gaga is famous for her outfits. Wherever she goes, people stare at her outfit. She doesn't conform to norms and I think that's why her performances are always refreshing and creative. A few days ago while browsing through a few blogs, I discovered something about Lady Gaga that I didn't know.

Remember the VMAs (yes the one where Kanye West stole Taylor Swift's moment)? Lady Gaga wore a total of 6 outfits that night, and I found out that they were all actually inspired by Alice in Wonderland!

 That was something I really didn't know. And she also admitted to not fitting in when she was in high school, and that she felt like a freak. Here's the interview where she talks about it:

And here's a song that she wrote specially for her father, to persuade him to get surgery. I don't think you see this very often, a Hollywood personality who is very close to his/her family.

She can be a role model to a lot of people- Do not be ashamed of who you are, and always be good to your parents.
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