Saturday, 12 December 2009

One of my favourite Christmas movies is Home Alone.

I don't remember how I stumbled upon it, but I loved the movie the moment I saw it. It just really charmed me from the beginning, the thought of a child defending his home from burglars. It must've appealed to a lot of kids, too, the thought of being able to do something this big without the adults' knowledge. Kind of like Aliens in the Attic.

I remember I had the first Home Alone movie in the VCR tape, and I kept watching it. Even when I grew up I still felt it was a good movie, although I rarely watched it. And a result of a kid watching this much of Hollywood would be imitation and learning. Until now, I pronounce cops as 'cups' like the Americans do, because in the movie the boy kept taunting the thieves, saying "I'm calling the cops!" and it stuck, although I was corrected almost every time I say it.

Home Alone 2 was entertaining as well, but not as entertaining as the first as it wasn't his home. I never bought the third one in any copy so I resorted to watching it on TV every time it's being shown. The fourth one wasn't even nice. I can't even remember the storyline, but it was definitely nothing to do with defending your home against burglars.

Here's a video of the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince behind the scenes footage:

I found it really interesting, seeing how they film the movie. And I can see how hard acting is, the surroundings are really normal yet they have to channel the sense of being in a magical world during dark times. The house scene especially, I remember in the movie the surroundings were pretty dark but it looked like it was filmed in broad daylight. The actors didn't have the lighting, music or sound effects to help them.

I'm also thinking that it'll be pretty fun to work on a movie set. Maybe one day I'll apply to be an intern in some movie and get to experience the whole movie making experience.

It'll be pretty cool, without a doubt!
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