Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Last week I found my scout jamboree's activity book and card. The book was what you'd expect- speeches, camp information, schedule, etc. The card however, was a different thing. It was a list of activities that we can perform, and upon completion they will stamp the card. Get 20 stamps and you qualify for a badge.

I was never active in scouts. I had only joined for the points, and had even quit at one point. But having been brainwashed by the administration that having co-curriculum marks would be important in the future I gave it another try.

Obviously at the beginning I was hopeless. And then the opportunity to join the jamboree came up (that was in 2006), so I took it.

It wasn't easy for me, living in a jungle for 8 days. I craved city life, city food, and my own bed. But what can I do? Nothing. So I had to suck it up and wait hopefully for the day I leave.

But thinking back, it wasn't that bad. It was really hilarious even, at times. And it gave me a lot of experience, too.

One particular incident that I remember clearly was when I injured my ankle. I was running to complete an activity, and somehow I slipped. When I got back, I realized that my ankle was swollen a little, so I asked to be allowed to stay back at camp. While the others continued their 'quest', I went to the army tent to seek medication. By nighttime I can even feel how swollen it was. I was really down, because it was the second last day in which we can get the activity stamped, and with that swell I doubted I could.

Surprisingly though, the next day it wasn't that bad. I could walk pretty normally, and so I decided to take a risk. I decided to go for the badge. And how lucky I was! The last day was like... the day of opportunities. Most of the people in charge of the activities gave us a stamp for free. I remember one who gave me 2 if I could sing and dance. I did it, although realizing how stupid I looked because I was desperate for the badge.

And... I completed 20! I was so happy. It was the happiest moment in the duration of the camp for me. I wanted to prove to myself that I can achieve something in scouts, and to the others that I'm tougher than they think. And to be successful was just unimaginable. I was happy happy happy happy.

The second happiest moment was, of course, surviving the whole thing. I think it was 9 days in total. When I came home I smelled (as a result of not bathing, though I did clean my face and brush my teeth daily) and I was really tired.

But it was all well worth it.
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