Wednesday, 25 November 2009

I wonder if anyone's read Devil's Place by Brian Gomez? I'm actually surprised it's a local book, most local books' covers have this look that when you see it you will immediately know that it's a Malaysian book. But Devil's Place did not, surprisingly.

The synopsis was interesting enough.

Brian Gomez is a pretty good writer, too. I must say that for a first novel, so far ( I haven't finished reading it yet) it's pretty good. A well planned story, written with a unique style of writing I cannot describe; you need to read the book to actually understand it. 

Yesterday was a surprisingly busy day for me. In the afternoon I headed to Michelle's home for lunch to celebrate WW's birthday. She cooked everything, which was really good. But I admit that I'm not a food lover who watches AFC or finds recipes to try out, so I am really clueless about the do's and dont's about cooking, but it was tasty nonetheless.

Then at night it was another yam cha session at Hassan's, our favourite mamak. It was chit chatting, gossiping, talking bad about North Korea and realizing that Malaysia's actually not that bad a place to be in.

It's amazing how fast time flew. This time last year, we were nearly completing our SPM. It really seemed not too long ago when we were sitting for SPM and thinking about college. This year, we're all doing different things, walking different paths.

Life has definitely changed a lot.
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