Thursday, 12 November 2009

College holidays have just started and I'm already making myself busy. This week alone I've watched two movies already- The Time Traveller's Wife and Jennifer's Body.

Time Traveller's Wife was better than I expected; it was a romance film but was well written I suppose.

As for Jennifer's Body, I'm a little confused. It doesn't seem like a horror flick, neither does it look like a comedy. And until now one part is still keeping me wondering. How exactly does Amanda Seyfried's character know when Jennifer is on an eating spree?I think that at the end of the day, it's just a movie in which some people are trying to make money by using Megan Fox's current popularity.

That's another thing I've realized- This year I'm really looking at movies from a different point of view. I'm beginning to be more "media literate", although most of the time I'm still watching them for pure entertainment.

I also went back to my high school this week. It was nice seeing the teachers again and not being scolded for missing classes or listening to them talking about how important our SPM is, or what route we should take in college. It was really, really nice as those teachers are now so nice, asking us how we are. As for those that were nice to us, they just became nicer. Unfortunately, one teacher I was hoping to see couldn't be seen.

But this week was 'productive', at least, for me. 
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